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9 November 2013

My Tuck ancestors of Happisburgh and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk are described. Link: Tucks


16 October 2013

The Wright family from the Norfolk parishes of East Ruston and Happisburgh are featured - greatx5 and 4 grandparents. Link: Wrights





14 August 2014

Thoughts about the news coverage of my greatx3 grandfather’s death are included: Link: James Mills

9 September 2014

My greatx5 and 4 grandparents are featured in the story of ‘The Hambleys - a Dockyard family’. Stephen Hawkins Hambley was a ropemaker at Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyards and his life, occupation and children are researched. Link: Hambleys

24 October 2014

Mon oncle, Patrick Charles Mills received a personal card from the Queen this year. His life is recounted in pictures at this link: Patrick Charles Mills

19 August 2017

I begin to lay out the genealogy of my wife’s family, the Courtneys. This page relates their life from 1602 until 1792 in North Devon parishes Link: Courtneys N Devon 1602 - 1792 The history of the Courtneys continues from 1792. This page relates their life at South Molton and Molland in North Devon during the nineteenth century. Link: Courtneys N Devon 19thC

26 September 20174

A thrilling discovery enabled research of my Dee ancestors to progress back another four generations - to the late sixteenth century. Link: Early Dee ancestors