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9 November 2013

My Tuck ancestors of Happisburgh and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk are described. Link: Tucks







14 August 2014

Thoughts about the news coverage of my greatx3 grandfather’s death are included: Link: James Mills

9 September 2014

My greatx5 and 4 grandparents are featured in the story of ‘The Hambleys - a Dockyard family’. Stephen Hawkins Hambley was a ropemaker at Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyards and his life, occupation and children are researched. Link: Hambleys

24 October 2014

Mon oncle, Patrick Charles Mills received a personal card from the Queen this year. His life is recounted in pictures at this link: Patrick Charles Mills

16 August 2016

The history of the Courtneys continues from 1792. This page relates their life at South Molton and Molland in North Devon during the nineteenth century. Link: Courtneys N Devon 19thC

19 August 2016

I begin to lay out the genealogy of my wife’s family, the Courtneys. This page relates their life from 1602 until 1792 in North Devon parishes Link: Courtneys N Devon 1602 - 1792

29 March 2017

Information of filial devotion by the son’s of George Pafford which may cast light on when their father died.

Link: Naval Allotment