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Thomas was the third son of William and Lucy Dee.  He was born in the late winter of 1856 at Nine Elms, Battersea, London.


By the age of fifteen he had left home and was a shopman for an oil and colourman at 21 Mount Pleasant, Holborn.  On November 7 1877, aged 21, he married Eliza Sarah Ann Pounsett who was the daughter of a cabman at Christ Church, Marylebone, London.  His younger brother, George, was a witness and therefore probably best man at the wedding which indicates the close bond between the two brothers. Thomas gave his occupation as oilman.


Their son, Percy Reginald was born in late spring 1879 and the next year a daughter, Ethel Maude, arrived. In 1881, the family was living at 4 Eliza Terrace, High Road, Tottenham, North London and Thomas owned an oil and station shop. Thomas and Eliza had another child who died in infancy - possibly Cyril St George Dee who was born and died in 1882.


By 1891, there had been a shift in employment as Thomas, the entrepreneur, was an Italian Warehouseman (dealing in Italian-sourced goods such as olive oil) with at least one shop boy in his employ.  Strangely, the family was living at the same place at which Thomas’ brother, William, was staying in 1861 - 118 Boundary Road, Hampstead.  The family was reasonably affluent as they had a servant, Emily Agomba.


Like his brother, George, Thomas entered the world of local politics, winning election in the West End Ward of Hampstead as an Independent candidate in 1900 and 1903.


In 1901, Thomas described himself as a private accountant and he remained in this profession until his death on 24 February 1932 when he was an incorporated accountant living in a seven-roomed house at 70 Minster Road, Cricklewood. He was admitted as an associate of the FSAA on 24 May 1906 and then as a Fellow on 14 May 1907.


Thomas’ will is intriguing.  Written in his own hand on 12 December 1831, his entire estate, with a net worth of a not inconsiderable £3,473, was left to his son, Percy.  There was no provision for his married daughter.  He also stated his ‘very earnest wish that no part of the aforesaid estate shall be used for the purchase of any business or businesses’.  This wish was echoed by Percy in his own will, indeed, apart from a different beneficiary, the two wills are identical and are written using the same legal stationary.  Percy’s will was dated 13 August 1932 - only four months after his father’s will was proved. He was then in his early fifties and another twenty-five were to elapse before his death in 1957.  


One might conclude that perhaps Thomas had personal knowledge of ‘fingers being burned’ in a business transaction and as a result he was determined that his bequeathed wealth should not be squandered in the same way.  Or, maybe, Percy did not enjoy his father’s full confidence in his business acumen.  Whatever the truth of the matter, Percy clearly endorsed his father’s views and wishes.


The closeness of Thomas and George Dee continued for many years.  Ethel Maude was a contributor to a scrapbook kept by my grandmother, Edith Dee. She was also a bridesmaid at both Edith and Gertie Dee’s weddings, which Thomas and Eliza also attended.   When Gertie Dee married, Thomas and Eliza gave her an oak and silver salad bowl and Ethel’s gift was a bread platter and knife.


Thomas is remembered as being ‘tall, upright with a stiff collar’.

Thomas Dee

bn Mar Qtr 1856 Nine Elms

d. 24 Feb 1932, Cricklewood

Eliza Sarah Ann Pounsett

bn 1857, Marylebone

d. Dec Qtr 1931 Cricklewood

Percy Reginald Dee

bn June Qtr 1879, Clapton

d. 15 Jan 1957, Chingford

Margaret Manwaring

bn June Qtr 1881 Islington

m June Qtr 1903, Islington


Ethel Maud Jones

bn June Qtr 1880 Hackney

m Sept Qtr 1913, Hampstead


W Jones

Ralph Dee

b Dec Qtr 1912, Wood Green

Joyce K. Dennis

bn Dec Qtr 1920 Hackney

m Dec Qtr 1941, Epping

Percy Dee

Ethel Maud Dee

Ralph Dee

Between 1901-03, Percy was an electrician. In 1903, he married Margaret Manwaring, a short-hand typist who was the daughter of a postal inspector. Ten years later, in 1913 he was a foreign correspondent for a general merchant and their only child, Ralph Dee, was born.


In 1932, Percy and Margaret were living at 110 Hampton Road, Chiswick. During World War II, Percy was an office manager. When he died in 1957, the couple were living at 133 Sinclair Road, Chingford. The gross value of his estate was £3,087 16s 8d.

Ralph Dee was born in 1903. When he married Joyce Dennis he was a Leading Aircraftman in the RAF. The couple had two daughters who were born at Burton, Staffs (1944) and in the Epping area (1948). In the 1950-60s, Ralph was a driving instructor and he and Joyce were divorced. Ralph was the proprietor of a motor factors shop in the 1970s.

Cyril St George

Dee (?)

bn and d 1882

Ethel Maude Dee was born in the late spring of 1880, the only daughter of Thomas and Eliza Dee.


In the summer of 1913, she married James W. Jones in the Hampstead Registration District.


Ethel was a bridesmaid at the weddings of her cousins, Edith and Gertrude Dee and gave Harold and Gertrude Saunders a present of a bread platter and knife.


In May 1903, she contributed a page of verse to Edith Dee’s autograph book. Link: Eadie’s book

Thomas and Eliza (nee Pounsett) Dee
(1857 - 1932)                         (1857 - 1931)

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Thomas and Eliza Dee in 1909